Solar PV scale smart battery systems

A technical solution to demonstrate and monitor the combination of solar PV panels and battery systems in large residential buildings and to develop design criteria for such combined systems. Further, the solution focuses on architectural aspects, economical aspects, and dialogues with authorities.

Timber-based construction, refurbishment and superelevation scenarios

Timber-based scenarios for new and existing buildings to enhance the use of wood as a circular construction-renovation material combined with forefront sustainable and energy saving technologies, nature-based solutions, and compound performance and comfort monitoring systems.  The first scenario is the construction of a new wooden-based positive energy building located in in an area currently used […]

Urban energy geostructure in highway tunnels as seasonal storage

The study, design, and testing of a system to retrofit and thermally activate an existing tunnel (in operation or abandoned) for an energy purpose not envisaged originally. The system includes a network of pipes capable of transporting a heat transfer fluid. A prototype of such a system is being investigated by means of preliminary numerical […]

Local renewable energy generation with BIPV and BAPV

Coloured PV panels installed on the roof and façade of a building to maximise renewable energy production and provide surplus energy. The design of the PV modules layouts is defined by the PV modules orientation in relation to the sky, the orientation of building longest facades, and the regulatory provision regarding the appearance of the […]

Leanheat intelligent heating control system

The Danfoss Leanheat Building is an AI based software and control applied as part of the smart control of the building level heating system. The installed system upgrades the traditional principle of a static preset relation between the heating system supply temperature and the ambient temperature, the so-called weather compensations principle. The Danfoss Leanheat Building […]

Involvement of tenants and citizens

A method on how to engage tenants in energy efficiency improvements driven by a data-approach. The innovation explores how residents can be motivated to become more aware of their energy consumption and how they can be encouraged to act upon it with an energy savings result as the final outcome. Different tools can be tested […]

IAQ monitoring platform

The IAQ platform is a combined Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) sensor and a user-friendly web interface. The IAQ sensor measures various quantities defining the indoor environment such as temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration, VOC concentration, particulate matter (optional), and barometric pressure. The measured quantities are then used to inform the user, directly control technology in the […]

Heat pump system design

The aftercooling concept is an innovative district heating substation for large multi-apartment buildings where the domestic hot water preparation and reheating of the circulation flows are decoupled and obtained in two separate heat exchangers connected in parallel. The primary return temperature flow from the circulation heat exchanger is further aftercooled by the space heating system […]

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