Leanheat intelligent heating control system


The Danfoss Leanheat Building is an AI based software and control applied as part of the smart control of the building level heating system. The installed system upgrades the traditional principle of a static preset relation between the heating system supply temperature and the ambient temperature, the so-called weather compensations principle. The Danfoss Leanheat Building solution includes an adaptive dynamic building model in combination with weather prediction and measured apartment indoor temperatures. In this way, the optimal heating supply temperature can be estimated at a given time without compromising the comfort, taking the passive thermal storage capacity of the building into account, as well as solar radiation, wind, and ambient temperature predictions.


A qualified setting of the heating supply temperature is critical to reducing uncontrolled heat losses by the building heat distribution system, as well as for reducing the uncontrolled heat emission from the radiators. By applying the Danfoss Leanheat Building AI based control system, the setting is automatically made and optimal all year around. It has proved to reduce the building energy consumption for the heating service, without compromising comfort. Data so far have shown an energy saving of 5-7% for SAB department 22.
Monthly heat consumption in two time periods.


The control of the supply temperature to the building level heating system (radiators and floor heating) is in operation for all 9 building level substations at the SAB department 22 demo building in Sønderborg, Denmark. The concept is available on the market and commercial activities are ongoing. It supports the general trend of digitalisation of the district heating system, and a significant market growth is expected.


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