Building/renovation timeline: 2021 – 2022
The Danish demo case is called SAB Department 22 Kløvermarken/Hvedemarken and is located in the central part of the City of Sønderborg.
Demonstration buildings in Sønderborg – DK

It includes 19 apartment blocks of 3 floors, in total 432 apartments with a floor area of 32,000 m2. The apartment blocks were constructed in 1970-1973.

In 2010, the buildings were renovated with more insulation, new low-energy windows, new radiator systems and new district heating substations with heating controls connected to Danfoss Portal. There are 9 substations covering the 19 apartment blocks.

In 2017, more than 3,000 m2 solar PV panels were integrated in the roofs of all 19 apartment buildings. The solar PV system can produce 460 kW solar electricity corresponding to 408,000 kWh per year covering 37 % of the total electricity consumption in the 432 apartments. At the same time new LED outdoor lamps were implemented in the area around the 19 apartment blocks and in the corridors and basement.

In 2021 storage batteries were added to the solar panels in the 19 blocks, each with a storage capacity between 10 and 30 kWh depending on the number of apartments in each block. In 2021 Danfoss Lean Heat system was implemented in all buildings using artificial intelligence to control and monitor the centrally heated buildings.


ARV technologies and innovations to be applied
  • Reduce district heating return temperature from multi flat building, by focusing on the heating system (radiator level) as well as the DHW system (sub-station level)
  • 1 block will be supplied with new Danfoss equipment: Danfoss SOLO and heat pumps; both blocks will be monitored and evaluated
  • Involvement of tenants and citizens: the energy saving results of the planned innovative energy technologies depend significantly on the daily energy performance of the tenants in the demo buildings
  • Innovative design of heating automatic systems reducing district heating return temperature from radiators in the apartment.
  • Innovative design of heat pump systems in local internal domestic hot water circuits in order to reduce the return temperature for the district heating system.
Credits Peter Bjerke
Credits Peter Bjerke
Credits ProjectZero
Credits ProjectZero
Credits DEM Danish Engineering Management
Credits DEM Danish Engineering Management
Credits DEM Danish Engineering Management
Credits DEM Danish Engineering Management


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