What is ARV?

ARV is a H2020 EU-funded project aiming at creating climate positive circular communities in Europe and increasing the building renovation rate in the continent. We started our work in January 2022. By the way, ARV is the Norwegian word for “heritage” or “legacy”.

The ARV project aims to demonstrate and validate attractive, resilient, and affordable solutions that significantly speed-up deep energy renovations in four different climatic zones in Europe and deployment of energy and climate measures in the construction and energy industries. Since the project works towards the implementation of climate-positive circular communities in Europe, focusing on net zero-emission buildings and neighbourhoods, ARV will provide guidelines and a policy framework for future energy-efficient, circular, and digital solutions in the construction industry. 

Circular Economy

Simplicity achieved by means of digitalisation and industrialisation

Integration of people, buildings and energy systems

What does CPCC mean?

The project is working on six large-scale demonstration projects of climate positive circular communities (CPCC) in six European cities, showcasing a range of innovations related to the whole value chain of the industry.

A definition of CPCCs is given in the report ‘D2.1 Assessment Framework for CPCCs 

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