Involvement of tenants and citizens


A method on how to engage tenants in energy efficiency improvements driven by a data-approach. The innovation explores how residents can be motivated to become more aware of their energy consumption and how they can be encouraged to act upon it with an energy savings result as the final outcome. Different tools can be tested and selected to communicate energy-saving behaviour to the residents and to find out when the residents are most motivated to carry out energy-saving behaviour.


The low level of engagement in energy related topics is a challenge in many social housing associations, especially if the housing association as in Sønderborg already produces its own electricity by solar cells and also get cheap district heating from the local district heating company based on 80% renewable energy supply. Despite the relative low energy costs in Sønderborg Housing Association SAB, it is still possible to save at least 20 % extra energy costs using the developed new tools to engage and motivate tenants to improve energy saving behaviour in their apartments.
Photos from resident workshops at Kløver-/Hvedemarken SAB department 22.
Brunata Online, an energy data application available for all tenants at SAB.


The engagement method has involved focused tenants in two of the nineteen building blocks in Sønderborg Andelsboligforening (SAB) department 22, i.e., in the demo project in Sønderborg, Denmark. The method can be used by a greater number of the housing associations in the municipality and Denmark, as well as the citizens of Sønderborg municipality, nationally and internationally.


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