IAQ monitoring platform


The IAQ platform is a combined Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) sensor and a user-friendly web interface. The IAQ sensor measures various quantities defining the indoor environment such as temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration, VOC concentration, particulate matter (optional), and barometric pressure. The measured quantities are then used to inform the user, directly control technology in the building (AHU, HVAC), or provide necessary data to a superior system via Wi-Fi, LoRa WAN (optional), Modbus TCP (over Wi-Fi), RS485 with Modbus RTU.  The sensor is equipped with a RGB LED indicator or LCD display.


The IAQ platform monitors the space we live in and helps us to maintain the environment. Sensor provides comprehensive evaluation of indoor quality. The users can easily view measured data in the web interface, which also allows to view history and settings to improve the environment.
The IAQ monitor and web interface
The IAQ monitor and web interface


The IAQ platform is a product solution that is ready for the market. Different types of business models can be introduced to scale the potential of application and penetration in residential and commercial areas. In family houses and flats, the sensor can control the systems based on user’s behaviour and provide a signal to open the windows to let the fresh air in. In commercial areas, the sensor can be used to automatically maintain a proper indoor environment by controlling air handling units as a component of a complex BMS system. In both cases, it provides monitoring data for long-term evaluation of indoor environment conditions. This can further help improve the environment which is so important for us.


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