PostDoc fellowship within the ARV project

The NTNU Department of Architecture and Technology has a vacancy for a Postdoctoral Fellowship in Modelling and Verification of Sustainable Plus Energy Neighbourhoods.


About the job

The postdoctoral fellowship position is a temporary position where the main goal is to qualify for work in senior academic positions.

NTNU has a vacancy for a two-year Post Doc as part of the H2020 project syn.ikia and H2020 ARV Green Deal.

The syn.ikia project is an innovation action that aims to increase the share of sustainable neighbourhoods with surplus renewable energy in different contexts and climates in Europe. A key output of the project are four real-life demo neighbourhoods in Norway, Spain, Austria, and the Netherlands.

The overall aim of the EU-funded ARV project is to demonstrate and validate attractive, resilient, and affordable solutions that significantly speed-up deep energy renovations and deployment of energy and climate measures in the construction and energy industries.

The Postdoctoral fellowship will pursue the following objectives:

  • Verify the performance of plus energy buildings and neighbourhoods in different contexts and climates
  • Develop digital methods and tools, including visualization platforms, integrated as Digital Twins at the neighbourhood level
  • Assess the flexibility potential based on buildings’ components and climate data
  • Optimize the use of the produced energy from renewable energy sources and quantify the potential

Your immediate leader is Head of Department.


Read the full job vacancy at this link.