Biennal del Pensament (Biennal of Thought) 2022
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ARV participates in the “BIENNAL DEL PENSAMENT”, which takes place in the city of Palma, Valencia and Barcelona at the same time, from October 11 to 16, 2022. Seminars open to the public on the topics are held in different places simultaneously. The debate deals with urban planning and health, the 15-minute city, the relationship between the city and school environments, and the energy transition. The ARV Project is presented through talks by experts, such as Carles Oliver from IBAVI or Biel Horrach from City Model, Appropriate Housing and Sustainability area of Palma City Council.

In addition, taking advantage of the experts in attendance, a training session is held for the Palma ARV team to design social participation strategies in Living Lab. Methods are provided to prioritize actors and activities, with special emphasis on co-design and co-creation processes to achieve the social and energy transition objectives of the ARV project.

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