Exploring AR as a tool for citizen engagement


ARV aims to communicate results of different scenarios to facilitate citizen engagement. A tool was developed to explore the use of Virtual Reality (VR) and/or Augmented Reality (AR). The AR/VR environments that will be developed for this task are an integral part of the Living Labs methodology and will be available for the demos of Oslo and Palma.

The mobile augmented reality (AR) application for citizen participation in urban and architectural planning has been developed for the demo at Voldsløkka, Oslo. By using just a mobile phone and augmented reality visualization, users can better understand and engage with realistic 3D models of future buildings on-site and provide immediate feedback. This is a less costly and more user-friendly engagement solution.

The application allows changing building elements such as solar cell panels, façade canvas, materials of the walls, glazing, and introduce outside elements such as urban furniture, trees and plants. You can see two video demonstrations that took place in Norway, in Trondheim and at the Oslo demo site, Voldsløkka.

The AR application was developed as a part of a thesis by the Master students Olav Håberg Dimmen and Andreas Oksvold from NTNU in close cooperation with SINTEF. For any inquiries, feel free to contact our partner SINTEF.