ARV partners paid a visit to the Utrecht Demonstration Buildings


In March 2022, the ARV consortium had the chance to visit the Dutch demonstration buildings of the project. They consist of two clusters of social housing buildings in the Overvecht-Noord district and the Kanaleneiland-Zuid district in the city of Utrecht.

Both districts were built in the 1960s and 1970s to account for the quick rise in urban population and are in general of low quality. Both districts share the characteristics of lively multicultural districts, with a high share of social housing, schools, and shops. The residential areas are densely populated districts, home to a majority of low-income households. Both districts have a triple energy infrastructure: a district heating network, gas infrastructure for home boilers, and an electricity grid.

The demonstration actions that will be undertaken by the ARV project are the resource-efficient, systematic retrofitting of 8 residential apartment buildings from the 1960s into Positive Energy Buildings embedded in a green neighbourhood, with a global area of 63 600 m2​.

To know more, watch the video on our YouTube channel and visit the dedicated page.